23th-26th August, 2022

National Convention & Exhibition Center (Tianjin)

365 d
10 h
10 m
10 s


National Major Equipment Hall

The capability of machinery manufacturing has become a key indicator of a country's industrial level. As the world's largest manufacturer, China has seen a lot of success in the development of major technology equipment and products and the emergence of new models and new business models, ranking No. 1 in more than 220 of its 500 major industrial products. Core enterprises manufacturing major equipment, including those located along the high-speed railways and those scattered among China’s nuclear industry chain, achieved China's independent innovation in dozens of high-end equipment industries such as metallurgy, bearings, profile materials, precision instruments, etc., thus guarantee the construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway project on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai. China's major machinery and equipment manufacturers has laid a solid foundation for China's industry, building up strong momentum for our industrial development, allowing mankind to gain the ability to surpass itself, and is the most likely to take the lead among the most advanced enterprises in the process of China's march towards manufacturing power. This hall will focus on the exhibition of core enterprise equipment, new technologies, scientific and technological innovation achievements in China’s equipment manufacturing sector.

13 Exhibition Areas are:

1. Industrial Internet/strong>

2. Intelligent Manufacturing

3. Industrial Automation & Intelligent Logistics

4. Metal Cutting

5. Metal Forming

6. Chemical Equipment & Materials

7. Energy & Industrial Environmental Protection

8. Printing Machinery

9. Medical & Epidemic Prevention Equipment

10. New Energy Vehicles & Intelligent Transportation

11. Industrial Parts

12. Industrial Financial Services

13. Major Technological Innovations & Its Achievements Transformation

Industrial Internet Area

Five years after the launch of “Internet Plus” action project, a new generation of information technology (IT) the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have witnessed a rapid progress, an increasing expansion in the scale of application of technology products and the emergence of new business models, while the demand-side sees continual changes and a growing need for personalized, customized and intellectualized products. Under the “Intelligence Plus” background, the Industrial Internet Area of 2022 CIE focuses on the deep integration of new artificial intelligence technology, new information and communication technology, new Internet technology and traditional manufacturing technology, so as to promote China’s traditional manufacturing enter the “Intelligence Plus” era with the theme of “Industrial Internet, Intelligence-guiding, Data-driven, Capacity-sharing,Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Collaborative Manufacturing”, which shall accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry and enhance the flexibility and agility of the industrial chain and increase the added value of industry with digital technology.

Intelligent Manufacturing Area

Intelligent manufacturing is the deep integration of new generation information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, which runs through the whole life cycle of products, manufacturing, and service the optimization and integration of corresponding systems. Intelligent manufacturing will bring new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of national manufacturing industry, and enterprises are particularly urgent to realize the intelligent transformation. In this context, CIE has made great efforts to build this exhibition area themed by intelligent manufacturing, which shall show the solutions of the world-class intelligent manufacturing technology and system, comprehensively and deeply display the wide application of artificial intelligence technology in the manufacturing automation process, aiming to help the enterprises realize the digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing, and to constantly improves the product quality, performance and service level of the enterprise, thus achieving the innovative, green, coordinated, open and shared development of manufacturing.

Industrial Automation & Intelligent Logistics Area

Under the “dual circulation” development paradigm, in which domestic and overseas markets reinforce each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay, accelerating the smooth logistics has become an important point of effort. The intelligent logistics play an increasingly important role in the new development pattern, and the manufacturing industry has taken the initiative to seek the development path from mechanization to automation and intellectualization, with more logistics equipment enterprises entering into the field of manufacturing logistics. The establishment of the industrial automation and intelligent logistics area of 2022 CIE goes with the development trend of industrial robots, intelligent manufacturing and automation, networking, visualization, real-time, tracking and intelligent control of modern logistics. The exhibits spread in the following fields: Industrial automation, intelligent logistics, industrial communication, 3C automation, industrial vehicles, AGV, machine vision, image technology, sensors, industrial measurement, connection systems, transmission and mechanical drive systems and control technology, new material handling technology, smart factory material handling solutions and flexible solutions for sorting systems. The area shall comprehensively demonstrate the advanced technology in global machinery manufacturing and electrical engineering, so as to provide efficient solutions for traditional enterprises to enhance industrial automation and optimize internal logistics.

Metal Cutting Area

With the adjustment of industrial structure in various fields of China's national economy, the user industry's demand for metal forming and processing is growing rapidly under the dual effects of market demand and technological progress, so the metal processing industry has seen a rapid development. In this context, the metal cutting area of 2022 CIE will display the technology and equipment of metal forming and processing in an all-round way, to promote the upgrading of the industry. Relying on the needs of emerging industries, find the sales point of manufacturing. The predication on development trend of China's industry and one-stop integrated solutions can help improve the production efficiency and competitiveness, making contributions to the health development of China's metal processing industry.

Metal Forming Area

The sheet metal processing area will bring together the world's leading laser and sheet metal manufacturing enterprises to show the most cutting-edge core technologies and products, thus promoting the development of laser and sheet metal manufacturing industry chain, automation and information technology. The area aims to provide more cooperation opportunities for the global manufacturing industry, strongly promote China-made products to enter the global procurement system, and coordinate manufacturing industries around the world for mutual benefit and development.

Chemical Equipment & Materials Area

Exhibitors include manufacturers and suppliers in non-woven fabrics, pipes, cables, coatings, PVC soft/hard products, color masterbatch and functional masterbatch, promoters, composites, carbon fiber, graphene, automobile manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, rocket manufacturing and military industries.

Printing Machinery Area

With the increasingly fierce competition in post printing market, and the trend of shortened delivery time, small volume and personalization, the intelligent production has become the current industry trend. In the process of “intelligent” manufacturing of packaging printing, it is of great importance to develop and apply the new technology of post printing processing. You will obtain equipment technical support for production and processing in the 2022 CIE and its concurrent events. For exhibitors, you can fully display new products and new ideas to the terminal application industry. The Area covers the whole printing industry chain and will also focus on the hot spots of the industry, give insight into the industry trends and provide personalized solutions for printing enterprises.

Energy & Industrial Environmental Protection Area

China has put forward the goal of “peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality”, which will accelerate the optimization of energy structure. The 2022 CIE will show all-round energy industry solutions from smart grid, power system automation, new energy, energy storage, industrial electrical equipment and supporting equipment, from UHV to micro grid, from light current to strong current, from supply side to users. Made in China 2025 Strategy takes green development as the policy, comprehensively promoting green manufacturing and focusing on industrial cleaning and low-carbon production mode, which shall speed up resource recycling. This Area will also show the complete industrial chain of air treatment, waste treatment, industrial cleaning, and energy-saving technology.

Industrial Parts Area

China’s industrial parts manufacturing industry has formed a complete range of industrial system, showing a positive development trend. In the past decade, the scale of industrial parts manufacturing industry has been gradually expanded, and the R & D capacity has been improved, which provides a strong support for the development of equipment manufacturing industry. The Industrial Parts Area of 2022 CIE will show the achievements made by key domestic enterprises in the industrial parts industry in recent years through the “Industry Foundation Strengthening Project”, which served the national economy and development, and assisted national defense and security. The exhibits also include innovations and developments during the 13th Five-Year Plan, which helped the improvement of the common technology and “Specialized, Fine and Characteristic” SMEs, the development of the industry disadvantageous fields and vertical industrial chain.

New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Area

With the rise of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, traditional oil-fueled automotive is being replaced by the emerging technology, which promotes many technological transformations and upgrading of the automobile industry. The organization form of the automobile industry is gradually changed by the rise of products and technologies represented by new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles, the light-asset and mass-customization organization form, car sharing and platform economies. Due to increasing consciousness for energy-saving and environmental protection, China and the world propose higher demand on R&D investment of new energy vehicles and car-sharing fields. The New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Area of 2022 CIE shall display new technologies, industry status and pattern of intelligent vehicles. Committed to promoting the formation of new “Internet plus vehicle” form relying on information technology, the area hopes to accelerate the development of energy saving and new energy vehicles and strive to bring prospective and innovative technical solutions for China's automobile industry.

Medical & Epidemic Prevention Equipment Area

The Medical and Epidemic Prevention Equipment Area shall focus on the most cutting-edge scientific research projects and global innovative anti-epidemic achievements. The exhibits in this area shall include domestic and foreign top medical equipment, such as epidemic prevention products, medical protection products, medical testing equipment, biological research equipment, epidemic prevention materials production equipment, medical robots etc. This area is aimed to provide more cooperation opportunities for the global epidemic prevention materials and production equipment industry, to help China fully enter the global epidemic prevention material and equipment procurement system, to achieve coordinated, win-win development with other countries, thus making active contributions to China’s public medical and epidemic prevention services and facilities.

Financial Services for Machinery Area

Equipment manufacturing industry is not only the foundation of a country's industrial development, but also the core component of manufacturing industry. Highly developed equipment manufacturing industry is the basic condition for China to realize new industrialization, and it is also an important symbol to show the comprehensive economic strength and technical level. In order to break the limited financing channels to the manufacturing industry, it is urgent to increase support to financial services, guide financial institutions to actively connect with China's industrial and economic development strategy, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, thus comprehensively achieving the high-quality development of the financial services in supporting the manufacturing industry.

Major Technological Innovations and Its Achievements Transformation Area

This Area shall be organized by labor unions and Science and Technology authorities by collecting cases of application of technological transformation, technological innovation, and research achievements from large-scale enterprises.